Ecosystem in Permanent Transformation

The key of transformation is found in the co-construction of projects and group dynamic.

Our seminars are based on two axes: working together on powerful projects, and create the group dynamic to carry them.

Collective’s genius is a collective energy : 1 + 1 = 3 !


Write with your employees the vision of the company in 24 hours, its axes of transformation and the first projects to be introduced.

This seminar, with a studied timing (from 5pm to 5pm the next day), allows you to immerse yourself in a synthesis of world outlook that nourishes collective reflection and to stimulate creativity and cohesion, to reach a co-created and shared vision of the future. It also enables to sort out existing projects and the first projects to be introduced.


The COVID crisis has been revealing AND an accelerator for business.

A revelator of unresolved challenges, an accelerator of the imperative transition to be started. This seminar allows you to take a step back to take stock of who you are, what you want to be, make an in-depth diagnosis of this period and to rewrite a new project, enriched with these lessons about your company and the world to come.


« Take the time to go fast »

This seminar is designed to take a step back with your managing committee to prepare for action:
Reviewing the history of the company and writing its DNA.

Taking stock of the company’s values, its managerial values and the personal values of each CoDir member.

How to create new management and interpersonal dynamics to promote business transformation.

We can build tailor-made seminars with you in small or large groups around the themes of transformation and human dynamics. Contact-us!