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When one human dreams, it is only a dream, but if many humans dream together, it is the beginning of a new reality.

We speak at conferences because, like you, we believe in collective intelligence. We are at your service to build up an intervention at your side on the themes of the transformation of people and companies.

How to get into permanent transformation mode?

Faced with a complex world, the challenge today is no longer innovation or agility, but rather to set up the conditions for permanent transformation. How can we draw our differentiation from our DNA, create a collective breath of fresh air through a co-constructed vision, and create new dynamic balances between exploiting what already exists and exploring what lies ahead? How can we promote new management principles to encourage co-operation, initiative and personal development? Dare permanent transformation!
The future of work: how to attract talent… and keep it?
Today’s company is no longer defined by the walls of its head office but by its DNA, its vision and its collective genius. How can we both exploit what already exists and explore what lies ahead, opening up new spaces that are a breath of fresh air for the company and for everyone? How can new management paradigms be set up to free up energy and initiative and invent a new social contract within the company? What if this is what the talents of today and tomorrow are looking for?

What will tomorrow’s company be like?
Maybe we will no longer say “my company” but rather “my network”, or “my ecosystem” or “my raison d’être“. A company of tomorrow will be all of these things at the same time. How do you manage the balance between exploiting what already exists and constantly exploring new horizons, how do you lead teams in a distributed enterprise? How can we share values, a vision, controlled business actions while encouraging initiative, subsidiarity and permanent transformation?

Change is now!
9 out of 10 French people would like consumption to take up less space in their lives, 27% believe that the priority is to reduce their purchases, 59% systematically avoid plastic packaging and the majority think that brands encourage over-consumption… Change is now. Which avenues do companies have for reinventing themselves, how can they transform their posture, their actions, their product and service range?


Laurence and Serge hosted a conference for our company, based on their experience and their book “Taylor is dead”. The themes approached are essentiel in our company’s project construction, to make it stimulating and readable to all our colleagues.
This conference also opened new perspectives and made easier tomorrow’s world exploration.

Louis Veyret | Dynergie Fondateur

We were pleased to host Laurence and Serge during our Innovation IRIIG Thursdays.
Their pragmastism and rich experience enlightened a public of students and managers captivated by their freshness and optimism.

Stephan GALY | IRIIG Président Fondateur

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