Strategic Support

Development and transformation strategy

The world is not in a crisis, it is impatient to be transformed!

You are convinced that you have to adapt in a world in permanent reinvention.

That is why we prefer co-creation to change management:

Activate Innovation specialises in supporting companies in their development and transformation strategies.
Our method of intervention is to be by your side to help you take a fresh look at your business, to consider it under new dynamics that will allow the emergence of strategies and transformation projects.
Transformation projects are subtle dynamics based on meaning, new ideas, collective human energy and concrete actions.
That is why we prefer co-creation to change management: we involve and support your teams in the construction and structuring of projects so your employees are players in the implementation of change in the company.

We can support you with:

Bringing out new questions about your environment, your positioning, your strengths, your
opportunities in the world to come

Challenging or writing your development and transformation strategies

Writing your DNA and your Vision for a more ambitious transformation dynamic

Rethinking the co-construction of your offers with your customers, building your « Customer R&D »

Writing your transformation axes and building your innovation roadmap with you

Bringing out and supporting transformation projects in your company

Supporting the transformation of human dynamics within your company

Conceive and implement your next business models.

Customized packages:

Support of development’s or transformation’s projects
Individual or group coaching

We also offer a “part time management / transformation manager” package in which we get involved alonside your management team and your operational teams to carry the project. We thus integrate your company as transformation manager during the process of co-building, structuring and implementing the project with your team.